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Dr. Joe Anderson

Dr. Joe Anderson, D.C - KansasGrowing up as an athlete I was no stranger to sports injuries. My mom is a practicing physical therapist, so most of my injuries were taken care of by her or traditional medicine. I clearly remember the day “my back went out”. I was 16 playing basketball at my house. I landed from a jump and I went to the ground. I couldn’t stand up, so I crawled up the stairs inside my house to get some help. I was referred to a physical therapist who worked on people with these problems. I remember going a lot and honestly I don’t remember the treatments making much of a difference (no disrespect intended). Fast forward many years and several instances of my back and neck giving my trouble that I treated with Ibuprofen and Tylenol like they were candy I started college school to pursue an athletic training degree in sports medicine. Most of my future peers had a graduate level degree of some kind; I just wasn’t quite sure what direction I wanted to go next.

As I was going through the sports medicine program, I was blessed with an internship with the Kansas City Chiefs. I was there for an entire season and was exposed to many different healthcare providers and some amazing experiences. One of the doctors happened to be a chiropractor. I noticed that the players really enjoyed working with the chiropractor, whereas they almost dreaded going to see traditional medical providers. They eagerly lined up for the chiropractor. So that struck me.

Then I did some more research into chiropractic and philosophically it made a lot more sense to me than traditional medicine. The idea that our bodies are designed to be healthy and possess innate healing abilities from within, was very different than the traditional idea of health coming from a pill or surgery. So that’s how I landed in chiropractic.

I went to school at Cleveland Chiropractic College in Kansas City and once I graduated, I became what’s known as an independent contractor. I started my own business working with other chiropractors.

It has been an amazing journey so far and I continue to enjoy helping people reach their maximum health potential. Dr. Jeremy and I are part of a great team at Olathe Chiropractic. We are rewarded by being able to benefit the community through which we practice. Helping others is our passion.

Yours in great health,

– Dr. Joe Anderson