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Dr. Jeremy Landry

Dr. Jeremy Landry - Kansas ChiropractorI grew up around chiropractic. I had an aunt who worked in a busy chiropractic clinic in Denver when I was younger, so I was exposed to chiropractic at a young age but had never been adjusted. Fast forward a few years, my mom started going to the chiropractor for neck pain, back pain and headaches so I watched her get treated at the chiropractic clinic she went to. She always loved it and got great results. But still, I never got adjusted. My mom asked me a few times if I wanted to get adjusted but like most people, I was always a little scared.

My parents divorced at a young age and my mom started dating a man whose dad was a retired chiropractor. He still treated patients out of his home office, so I got more exposure to chiropractic, what it was, how it worked, the health wellness aspect, nutrition, etc.
When I was finishing up high school I started dating a girl whose cousin was a chiropractor. So it was kind of funny. I felt like God was perhaps pushing me in the direction of chiropractic.

My girlfriend and I started college but had no idea what we wanted to do. We both knew we wanted careers in healthcare, so with her cousin being a chiropractor and my experience growing up, we decided to look into it.

I was suffering from chronic headaches due to a head injury that I had at work. I was getting off of a forklift and there was snow and ice on the ground. When I hopped off the forklift, I landed on the ice and my feet went out from under me and I landed on my head. My head hit the edge of the forklift and knocked me unconscious for probably 30-45 seconds. I woke up with blood gushing out of my head, so I went to the emergency room with a concussion. I was told if I had any pain to take Tylenol or Ibuprofen, so I did. I started developing chronic headaches after this and they went on for about two years. The whole time my doctor said, just take Tylenol or Ibuprofen if needed.

Leading up to this, my girlfriend and I were looking at becoming chiropractors. I thought I should get adjusted to see what it’s about before we decide to plunge into this. So I finally went in and after my first adjustment I didn’t have a headache for a little over three weeks. I had been having about three to four pretty severe headaches a week so I knew it was the chiropractic adjustment that made the difference. I kept getting treated and having more relief. Feeling so much better without drugs or surgery sealed the deal for me.

I wanted to help people with their pain. I firmly believe that in the United States we don’t have a healthcare system; we have a sick care system. We run to the doctor once we’re sick, or once something is broken. We tend to take better care of our homes and vehicles then we do our own bodies. So, the last thing that I wanted to do in healthcare would be to prescribe drugs or medication to block the symptoms. My entire goal was to focus on pain, be it acute or chronic, and correct the problem that’s causing it. That is what my partner Dr. Joe Anderson and I do every day and it is very rewarding to us both.

– Dr. Jeremy Landry