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Avoid Common Summer Injuries with These Tips

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Summer is here, which means time for relaxing and having fun with friends and family. Many people plan for vacations and fun events without planning on injuries that could happen. However, thousands of people sustain summertime injuries that can put a damper on the entire season. That doesn’t have to be you! From simple sunburns and dermatitis, to water injuries or dehydration, here are a few tips to avoid the most common summer injuries!


What Are the Most Common Summer Injuries?

Summertime is a time to have fun instead of having common summer injuries like:

  • Sunburns. These happen from not using sunscreen. In the summer and winter, make sure you lather on sunscreen to prevent cancer, burns and more. Wear your sunglasses to prevent eye burns and vision loss.
  • Heatstroke and Dehydration. You can burn off too much water without realizing it. These can lead to serious health problems and death. Stay out of the sun if you can and stay hydrated.
  • Insect Bites/Stings. Some diseases come directly from tick bites. Avoid stings and bites with sprays like Deet, covering skin with clothing, netting and more.
  • Swimming Injuries. Drowning is the second highest cause of death in children. Avoid it by always watching children by water. Also common are injuries to the head and feet by jumping into water. Diving into shallow water can cause head injuries. Jumping from too high up without proper water shoes or protection can cause severe injuries. Always watch for boats to avoid being hit and drive your own boat slowly.
  • Food Poisoning. At parties, reunions, barbecues and beach days, food can be left out too long, leading to severe food poisoning. Always keep food stored in a cooler or fridge when it’s not being eaten.
  • Sports Injuries. Spring and summer sports, or even backyard football can lead to injuries.


Common Spring and Summer Back Issues

In our last article, we touched on some of the most common spring and summer injuries that happen right in your own home or garden. Bending over for extended periods of time cleaning, gardening, weeding and more cause thousands of people back injuries each year such as:

  • Tendonitis –  Inflammation in the tendons, that comes from repetitive or increased activity.
  • Golfer’s or Tennis Elbow – Pain happens in the inner side of the elbow that happens from repetitive golfer’s swinging motion or tennis swinging motion.
  • Pinched nerves.
  • Lower back pain – This easily happens when you are continuously bent forward gardening, weeding, or scrubbing the house for spring cleaning.
  • Plantar fasciitis – This happens with increased running.
  • Bursitis of the knee – Bursitis is inflammation in the tendons and muscles near joints like the knee, such as from kneeling for too long.


Help for Summer Injuries

With our patients, we suggest therapies such as:

  • Chiropractic rehabilitation – This is through hands-on chiropractic adjustments of the back or spine or adjustments through technologies such as Sigma Ultralign G2, Advanced Activator Technology or ArthroStim. We use gentle manipulations and adjustments to the body’s muscular, nervous and skeletal systems to realign the body properly and reduce problems such as slipped discs, subluxations, misaligned vertebrae and more.
  • Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation – When a muscle is torn or a bone is broken, patients usually need to undergo careful stretching and training as it heals for optimal results. We provide you professional training to heal your body as quickly as possible.
  • Vibration Exercises and Rehabilitation – With whole-body vibration, you stand, sit or lie on a machine that sends dozens of muscle-toning vibrations throughout your body. These vibrations speed healing to an injury, reverse muscle atrophy and strengthen the body in just a few minutes.
  • Posture Rehabilitation and Balance Training – Muscles need the correct strength and balance to support your skeletal system and joints. We can help you achieve the right balance to rehabilitate injuries and prevent future problems.
  • Neuropathy Treatment – We work with damage or defects to the peripheral nerve system that cause you symptoms such as numbness and tingling. Improve your symptoms of nerve damage with this therapy!
  • Muscle relaxation with massage therapy and electrostimulation.
  • Lifestyle changes to encourage back strength so your spine is properly supported.


Prevent Physical Health Problems

Chronic health problems come from poor diet, sleep, medications, alcohol or tobacco use, lack of exercise and more. To prevent some health problems try to:

  • Eat a diet full of vitamins, minerals, proteins, water and healthy fats and carbs. You can know if you are getting enough nutrients with a nutritional assessment.
  • Sleep more! You need 7-9 hours of sleep a night for your body to complete cell repair and to remove toxins from the day.
  • Socialize. Studies show that not being out of the house and around others can lead to both poorer physical and mental health.
  • Take care of your oral health. Brush and floss at least 2 times a day for 2 minutes at a time. Your oral health is closely connected to overall health.
  • Find a stress reliever. Too much stress raises your risk for heart disease, stroke, and more. Stress boosts the hormone cortisol, which decreases the hormones in your body that strengthen the immune system.
  • Your weight. Obesity and excess weight leads to chronic conditions, more strain on the body, hormonal changes, joint problems and more.
  • Sedentary lifestyle. A strong, healthy body is one that exercises at least 150 minutes a week.
  • Wash your hands! This can prevent so many germs and bacteria from getting into your system. Avoid touching your face, eyes and nose to reduce your risk for illness.


Heal Faster Today

If you want to enjoy your summer and avoid both summer injuries and physical health problems in the future, try incorporating some of these tips now. You don’t want to deal with an injury right when it’s finally summer. However, if you do sustain an injury and want quicker healing, invest in physical and chiropractic therapy services that are proven to help you heal faster. Call Olathe Chiropractic today at (913) 839-8643!


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