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Help For Vacation Injuries

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The average American goes on vacation 6 times a year. Studies show that up to 46% of people will choose July as their travel month, and July is also the busiest month for travel by plane and car. It’s also one of the highest month’s for injuries during vacation or travel, with the most common injuries being water activities such as swimming or boating, playground injuries, biking accidents, food poisoning, car accidents, allergic reactions and more. Here are some of the top vacation injuries and what to do if they happen while you’re traveling!


Common Vacation Injuries

The summertime is the busiest time of year for most families, especially for vacationing. July is the most popular month to travel during the summertime, but it also has the highest number of accidents and injuries. Caring for your health during the summertime should be a top priority for you and your family, especially when you’re traveling. Vacations and holidays are typically associated with outdoor activity, so more people are likely to get hurt during those periods of time. No one enjoys getting hurt, but it’s especially difficult whenever you’re away from home and have to deal with the emotional consequences and cost of an injury. Although it is nearly impossible to prevent injuries from occurring, it’s important to know what activities most often lead to injury and how to protect yourself.


As the weather starts to get warmer, more people spend the majority of their time outside. In fact, the most common summertime injuries occur while you’re outside participating in some type of physical activity. The number one summertime and vacation injury involves bicycles, with more than 550,000 cases of an accident or fall being recorded in 2016 alone. For children, playground injuries are especially prevalent as kids spend a lot of time on them during the warmer months, with an average of 244,000 cases of a fall or equipment failure being reported. Playgrounds are located all over the U.S. at most resorts, hotels, parks and water facilities, so kids have a high chance of getting hurt on them even while they’re on vacation. ATV accidents are also common when people are vacationing, with California, Texas and Pennsylvania ranking the highest for injuries and deaths during the summer. Swimming injuries, like breaking a bone wakeboarding, dehydration or getting a severe sunburn, affect thousands of people each year. Swimming pools are especially notorious for serious incidents as many people are bumping into each other and jumping from platforms or diving boards.


How To Protect Yourself

Even though more injuries occur during the summertime, it is still perfectly okay to spend time outdoors participating in the physical activities that you want to do, but it’s important to make preparations in case anything unexpected occurs. For one thing, if you’re going to be riding your bike, make sure that you’re wearing a helmet that is correctly adjusted to your head. Wearing a helmet reduces your chances of a head injury by 85%, and can prevent accidents with cars from becoming fatal. For kids who love spending time on the playground, make sure to inspect the equipment to ensure that they function properly and that there aren’t rusty nails or broken glass that they could step on. Try to have your kids play on playground equipment that is lower to the ground and has ground cover made of rubber or wood chips, not concrete or grass. To prevent ATV accidents, wear a helmet and protective gear to safeguard your body, don’t allow kids younger than 16 ride an adult-sized ATV and try not ride as a passenger. Always exercise caution when driving on roads with other motor vehicles and educate yourself on the mechanics of the ATV before riding it. Lastly, swimming injuries can be avoided by gearing up with life jackets, wrist guards, goggles and helmets, especially when participating in aggressive water activities. Drinking plenty of water and practicing sun protection by regularly applying sunscreen can help you avoid dehydration and sunburns while you’re enjoying your time swimming.


All of these tips are preventative measures to keep your body safe and protected during your vacation and while participating in physical activities. Although they can’t guarantee 100% injury avoidance, they will give you a greater advantage in most scenarios.


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Many vacation injuries cause both acute and chronic pain. While acute tends to resolve quickly, chronic can last for months and needs professional treatment to heal the injury. Car accidents, sports injuries and nerve damage from other types of injuries are some of the most common reasons behind chronic pain and inflammation. For example, while it may seem like you only need a cast to fix your broken leg after a bicycle accident, it’s not surprising that you’ll actually require additional therapy to regain flexibility and range of motion in that leg. For those patients with pain from an old or new injury, vibration exercises, spinal adjustments, hot and cold therapy treatments and massages can relieve tight muscles and heal injured tissue. These specialized treatments provide relief to multiple areas of the body and are chosen based on your individual needs. After an injury, it’s always important to meet with a medical professional so that they can properly assess, diagnose and treat your injury. While you can learn how to do a lot of things on the internet, properly casting a broken leg or treating a severe sunburn should be completed by an experienced professional who knows what they’re doing so that you can get the best care possible..


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