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How An Auto Injury Assessment Can Help You Heal

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After an auto injury, most people want to go home and recuperate from the distressing event. However, even after you’re cleared by the medical staff following your accident, you should have an auto injury assessment performed to identify unknown injuries that may not have presented themselves yet. Without an assessment, patients can suffer from whiplash, compressed discs and bone spurs for weeks on end without knowing what is going on. Find out what all an auto injury assessment entails and how it can save you from avoidable pain and suffering with this guide!


What Is An Auto Injury Assessment?

After a car accident, one of the last things that patients want to do is wait in line at the doctor’s office for an evaluation, especially if there aren’t any serious injuries. However, meeting with a medical provider for an auto injury assessment is one of the most important things that you can do after an accident. Auto injury assessments are exactly what they sound like: an evaluation of your body after it has experienced trauma from a car accident. During the assessment, a basic physical exam will be performed to record any signs of damage, like bruises, and to search for serious internal injuries. X-rays will also be taken to determine whether you have broken or fractured any bones and to see how well your spine is doing. Your blood pressure and vital signs will be checked along with manual testing of the spine to identify any soreness or injuries. The auto injury assessment is very thorough so that the patient can be properly treated and for insurance purposes. The insurance companies of both parties will be involved with treatment and disputes, so it’s important that the evaluation is thorough and correct so that billing can be accurate.


Why You Should Be Evaluated Quickly

While some car accidents are more serious than others, you should receive an auto injury assessment no matter how small the accident may have been. For starters, you could have serious injuries, like whiplash, a concussion or a broken bone, that might not be too painful now, but will cause lots of problems for your body in the future. Untreated whiplash can lead to chronic headaches and a broken bone can make everyday activities hard to perform. Even if you’re only sore from the accident, meeting with a medical provider, like a chiropractor, can make sure that your spine heals correctly and that there is no permanent tissue damage. Patients who have recently been in a car accident have been known to develop sudden cases of scoliosis from the shock of the accident, which will need to be treated if you want to recover.


For insurance reasons, it’s also very important to be seen by a medical provider as soon as possible. If the other driver was the cause of the crash, you may have all of your medical expenses covered by their insurance company. However, if you wait too long to be evaluated for medical conditions like whiplash or a slipped disc, their insurance company might deny you coverage since it will be harder to prove that your injuries were caused by a car accident and not something else. If you want to make sure that your expenses are covered quickly and correctly, have an auto injury assessment within the first few days after the initial accident.


How To Treat Your Pain

Depending on the type and extent of your injuries, your treatment plan may include chiropractic adjustments, massage therapy, pain medications or surgery. For minor back pain, ice and rest is recommended to help the muscles relax and reduce inflammation. If your pain doesn’t subside, chiropractic adjustments are extremely helpful at readjusting the back and spine so that they’re in their correct positions again. Only severe injuries, such as damage to the spinal cord, internal bleeding, broken bones or muscle tears will require surgery, so don’t worry about that until you’ve been evaluated. If you’ve suffered a broken bone that doesn’t require surgery, a cast may be recommended to keep that area of your body immobile so that it can heal properly. For psychological injuries, such as anxiety or post-traumatic stress disorder, you can meet with a counselor or other mental health professional to guide you through post-accident recovery and teach you how to manage your emotions so that you can function. Depending on your mobility or extent of broken bones, physical therapy could be prescribed to help you gain your range of motion and strength back. Whatever your medical provider recommends and prescribes you to do, make sure that you give strict heed to their advice so that you can heal as quickly as possible.


Importance of Chiropractic AdjustmentsMale chiropractor adjusting female patient's back in office.

For fender benders and car accidents that have caused whiplash or damaged the spine, chiropractic adjustments have been shown to preserve posture during the healing process and make sure that the vertebrae and discs in your neck and spine are in their proper positions. Because of the sudden shock of the accident and jolt of your body, your neck can become “stuck” in certain positions, making it difficult to look certain ways or move at all. Chiropractic adjustments can “unlock” these stiff areas and relieve the pressure that is building there. Starting chiropractic treatment right away will help your body heal faster and prevent your injuries from worsening over time.


Heal Faster After A Car Accident With Our Help!

At Olathe Chiropractic, our team provides thorough and individualized care to our patients who have suffered from car accidents. During your auto injury assessment, we will determine what your needs are and how to heal your injured body. Call our office today at (913) 839-8643 to schedule an auto injury assessment and get your physical health back on track!

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